Skate-Pro: The complete Intermediate inline skating course.

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Course participants need to have recreational or fitness inline skates with or without a heel brake and protective gear (knee and wrist pads recommended).
To safely learn what’s on offer in this intermediate level course you should be fairly comfortable with the following beginner level pre-requisite skills; heel braking, scissor position, parallel turns in both directions.
This inline skate course is taught through video tutorials with accompanying training notes. Nearly 2 hours of detailed video lessons are divided into a progressive course syllabus, allowing the skate student to learn at their own pace through step-by-step instructions, detailed demos and explanations. The training notes then help to structure your practice in a way that will lead to safe and continuous learning of new skills.

This course will help you learn how to skate backwards from scratch using transitions to get there and back. You will know how to stop using two non-heel braking methods (t-stop and lunge stop), and master higher speed turns with the forwards crossovers and lunge turn. We will also focus on your skating technique and learn how to skate more efficiently so that you can improve your fitness.

The course will take several months to complete depending on the amount and frequency of practice time available to the student. You may be learning the skills presented here for the first time or you have been using them for a while but know they need some tweaking.

Who is the target audience?
The course is aimed at the intermediate level adult student who can get around forwards and probably can stop ok using a brake but possibly has no brake and is exploring new stopping methods and finding some holes. You may have taught yourself to skate backwards or backwards skating has remained elusive and scary.
The intermediate level has a large range of skating abilities within it, so the skills presented in this course may be completely new to you or you have been trying them and using for a while and this course will help you master and polish the moves to perfection.


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